Royalty-Free Licensing Made Simple

Royalty Free images and graphics are sold by file size.  A high resolution version of an image or graphic with a large file size (such as 60 MB) would cost more than the low resolution version of the same image with a small file size (such as 1 MB). No restriction is placed on the use of these images once the client has purchased the file.

Original artists agree to have their work licensed and repurposed for commercial use. Curated by We encourages proper crediting when at all possible. We also provide contact information for artists and featured talent with every download.

Licensing Options:

Re-mix, re-purpose and re-sell!

By purchasing a Standard Commercial License you have express rights to leverage creative assets for use in other product-forward creations. We encourage you to credit original artists of course.

This includes:

  • Up to 500,000 hard copies for advertising, editorial, and promotional projects, unlimited impressions in online, electronic, and mobile publications and applications.
  • Internationally, all media, unlimited time

Want Exclusive access to a particular image or collection of resources?

One-time buy-in for exclusive rates and we remove the image/bundle from the site. Curated by We is making its in-house content collections available for Exclusive licensing. By purchasing an exclusive license we are closing off sales for periods of 3, 6 or 12 months at a time, your choice! Reach out for extended licensing options to

Usage rights are the same as Commercial.

Need assets, creative referrals or content you can’t find on our site? 

We can help source creative resources and or talent for your next campaign. Leverage us as your resource for content creation, referrals and brand/product activations. Create for the culture with the culture.

Contact for collaborations and special requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Licensing Benefit Vendors?

By licensing creative resources from our site you are directly investing in Black, Latinx, AAPI and marginalized majority persons talents and work. Curated by We creates an extremely streamlined way to benefit creatives first and foremost through a majority commission rate. 

Creatives, Talent, CBW – Percentage Breakdown:

  • Creatives – Our ‘Vendors’ with their own Studio Profiles – 75% of sales profit
  • Featured Talent – Models, Talent featured in Narrative image and Video Content – 10% Affliliate commission option


Do We Have To Credit Artists?

Technically, no. You’re not legally required to do so. However, we strongly suggest you do. Doing so will not only benefit our beloved artists, creators and talent but will validate and solidify your company’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity with longevity.

Join The Collective & Earn Online

Curated By We was created for creatives of color top of mind. Our mission is to make it easy for you to monetize your digital contributions to creative and multi-cultural storytelling. While most digital stock licensing platforms boast short or specialized galleries for licensing diverse content our entire platform is created by, features and pays Black, Latinx, AAPI and other marginalized majority contributors – first and foremost!

Earn passive income with little active effort! Create an additional source of income for your creative work by creating a digital studio with us and licensing your work. You set your own prices, we help you with marketing and you collect majority profit percentage on your sales.

Who Should Join?

All are welcome to help us increase visibility and equity for BIPOC creators and talent. Photographers, Designers and Digital Storytellers are welcomed to submit their portfolio for review. 

Submit Your Portfolio


What's The Criteria For Joining?

Currently we’re prioritizing portfolio submissions from Photographers, Illustrators and Designers who identify as Black, Latinx, AAPI or other marginalized majority community member.

Basically, do you see less of folx like you in creative storytelling, marketing or the media? Your work features authentic cultural experiences, people and or subjects? You should submit your work. 

Illustrators: We’d love for you to share your ready-to-download digital creations and support the work of BIPOC artists like you!

Designers: Do you make amazing templates, icon sets etc.? Submit your work!

Submit Your Work Here

Are There Any Fees Associated With Becoming A Member?

Short answer, no. Long answer… It costs you nothing to join and create an online storefront with us. However we do use money from sales to cover internal costs.

  • 75% of sales goes to vendors (YOU)
  • CBW – uses remainder to cover platform costs (i.e. transaction fees, platform costs and % to affiliates)
How is my work protected?

When submitting work it is required to include contact information and appropriate credits to accompany any downloads. We encourage patrons to credit original work wherever possible but they are not required to (in accordance with Royalty Free Licensing Terms.) 

Vendors (artists) are required to acknowledge and waive rights in alignment with our mission to provide these for commercial use.

Curated by We strongly encourages patrons to credit artists and as a platform whose mission it is to create access to equitable solutions for digital creators of color we are actively seeking ways to further protect artists IP.

We’re working on it but for now please reach out to us directly if you would like to submit more exclusive collections that can be more closely protected.

Some suggestions are:

  • Creating Exclusive Collections with limited downloads and higher prices.
  • Monetizing a service offer for direct collaboration.