Welcome To Curated By We

We source and curate creative content made by and featuring Black, Brown, AAPI and Marginalized people for your creative design, marketing, and campaign projects.

Curated By We is a product of Come Through Media’s creative collective and agency work to provide BIPOC and marginalized creative folx with equitable opportunities to create, gain visibility and connect them with opportunities to share and earn from work that represents their communities and cultures in an elevated light.

How it works

Collective Curation

Our team of Designers, Photographers & Culture Curators hand-pick creative content, design resources, artists and storytellers to source diverse design and story-telling assets from.

Visuals + Story

Every month get a preview of our in-house collections, creative resources and design assets. Learn about the talent in-front of and behind the stories.

Enable Creative Freedom

License stock photography, design resources or other creative content from a BIPOC creative and directly impact their ability to create with agency. 

Licensing As An Avenue For Equity

By licensing assets created by and featuring BIPOC people you’re not only empowering real people to create more but directly impacting their ability to create sustainable streams of income, opportunities for expanded visibility and professional growth that effects their personal realities.

Licensing Options:

Standard Commercial use

Re-mix, re-purpose and re-sell! By purchasing a Commercial License you have express rights to leverage creative assets for use in other product-forward creations. We encourage you to credit original artists of course.

Exclusive Rights (Asset Holds)

Purchase Exclusive Rights to creative assets, often available from our in-house studio creations, to secure you’ll be the only one to access these for a chosen amount of time. Perfect for larger campaigns and or unique product remixes. 

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